Insert a value into any of the fields - the rest of them will be calculated automatically.
If you change a value in a field, all the others recalculate accordingly.
For decimals you can enter either points or commas.

= 21 %
15 %
10 %
to 6 digits

The result will be in the currency you enter in the fields.
For example, if you enter EUR, the result will also be in EUR.

If a NaN error appears, please check whether you have entered
a valid value in the fields, i.e. without any letters or other non-numerical characters.


= Price without VAT + VAT  =  Price without VAT × (1 + VAT rate/100) [EUR]
= Price with VAT – VAT  =  Price with VAT / (1 + VAT rate/100) [EUR]
= Price with VAT – Price without VAT  =  Price without VAT × VAT rate/100) [EUR]
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